DECIDE project presented in OW2Con 19

OW2 is an independent, global, open-source software community that promotes the development of open-source middleware, generic business applications, cloud computing platforms and fosters a vibrant community and business ecosystem.

Fraunhofer FOKUS as a strategic OW2 member and partner of the DECIDE project, presented an overview of the DECIDE architecture in OW2Con’19.

CloudBroker announces release of initial version of Billing component as a part of DECIDE framework

The last General Assembly of the DECIDE took place in Logroño, Spain and was focused on the contributions of each partner to DECIDE tool chain and workflow, as well as implementation and evaluation plan for the next three months.

Deciding on DECIDE

DECIDE project was conceived to provide, in a single integrated toolset, ‘enabling techniques and mechanisms to design develop and dynamically deploy multi cloud aware applications in an ecosystem of reliable, interoperable and legally compliant cloud services’.

DECIDE ADAPT Deployment Orchestrator from multi-cloud to Hybrid Cloud

DECIDE ADAPT Deployment Orchestrator (DO), provides automatic deployment of applications to multiple cloud providers at the same time.

Current services and applications are more and more oriented to deployments which involve multiple clouds; either because no single provider offers all the needed services, or because smart companies tend towards avoiding lock-in.

DECIDE’s 6th GA IN MADRID: Preparing the next set of DECIDE prototypes for M24

The last 11th and 12th of September, all the DECIDE partners participated in the 6th General Assembly of DECIDE action. The two days duration meeting was held at Experis premises in Madrid.

CloudBroker: integration chronicles


CloudBroker GmbH have been working on DECIDE project for 20 months. Admittedly, much was done.

DECIDE project will be present at EuroAsiaSPI 2018

It will take place in TECNALIA from September 5 to 7, 2018


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