(G)D(PR)-day approaching: how the EU’s new data protection law is going to impact the Cloud and how DECIDE is dealing with this.

With 25 May fast approaching, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR, regulation 2016/679), the EU’s new legislation on the protection of personal data of individuals will soon become broadly applicable throughout the EU.


Towards a DECIDE integrated solution with focus on the review.

During the last month, March 13th and 14th 2018, the fifth DECIDE General Assembly took place in Milano at HPE offices. The two days meeting was focused mainly on DevOps Framework component which provides the mechanisms to support the whole DECIDE lifecycle for multi-cloud applications development and operation.

Different workshops took place during the meetings focusing mainly on:

The Why and the How of Developing a Multi-Cloud Native Application

It all started with the shift in software development and the rise of virtualisation that we started thinking: Multi-Cloud, because a Multi-Cloud strategy is tightly coupled with agile practices, DevOps, microservices, and dynamic business needs and this is what is guiding enterprises and organisations today.

The legal aspects of multi-cloud: DECIDEdly not unimportant! - Part 4 Other legal issues and Conclusions

In this fourth blog post, some of the remaining legal challenges are addressed and a conclusion is offered in regard to the current status of the project in M12 in legal terms.

Other legal issues

DECIDE – Making Multi Cloud Solutions Practical

Adopting Multi-Cloud solutions can be a difficult landscape to navigate. Politically there can be a reluctance to embrace changes, whether they are in processes or technology, and adopting new paradigms can generate operational challenges across the business.

The legal aspects of multi-cloud: DECIDEdly not unimportant! – Part 3 Controller and Processor Obligations and DECIDE’s role in this regard

This third blog post in the series of legal blog posts continues with the main assessment on GDPR for DECIDE: how does DECIDE interact with the legal obligations imposed by the GDPR. Without going into too much detail, this post tries to touch upon the most pressing matters of relevance.

Extra, extra! DECIDE Key Results first beta prototypes delivered!

The last 28th and 29th of November, all the DECIDE partners participated in the 4th General Assembly of DECIDE action. The two days duration meeting was held at AIMES premises in Liverpool. 

The legal aspects of multi-cloud: DECIDEdly not unimportant! Part 2 - GDPR Application

In this second blog post, arguably the main legal instruments relevant to DECIDE is addressed: the general data protection regulation (GDPR). The new European law on data protection is introduced and its application to the DECIDE project is clarified. The post continues to explain how the concepts of processor and controller can be mapped on the situation in DECIDE.


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