CloudBroker announces release of initial version of Billing component as a part of DECIDE framework

The last General Assembly of the DECIDE took place in Logroño, Spain and was focused on the contributions of each partner to DECIDE tool chain and workflow, as well as implementation and evaluation plan for the next three months.

Together with the other technical partners, CloudBroker has been working on the development of Intermediate Advanced Cloud Service meta-Intermediator (ACSmI) that is one of the important components of the DECIDE framework. They have taken part in ACSmI Contract Management and ACSmI Billing components development.

ACSmI Contracting is responsible for the execution and management of service contracting and managing Cloud Service Providers. It allows to establish contracts with cloud providers to use their resources through the DECIDE framework. Recently Cloudbroker has added a Direct Contracting functionality that allows a developer to contract with the CSP specifically. Additionally, Azure Cloud was added to the list of Cloud Providers available for Contracting through CloudBroker Platform.

One of their major tasks is to design and implement a framework tool called Billing Component. ASCmI Billing is responsible for the following tasks:

  • setting specific rules for contract(s) billing;
  • tracking the usage information;
  • charging users in accordance with the defined rules;
  • providing billing and usage-related reports.

We are excited to announce that DECIDE has released the initial version of the Billing component and was presented its demo during the meeting in Logroño. The Billing component needs to integrate successfully with the other sub-components and the meeting helped to identify the missing interactions and communications with other tools and the next steps for the next release.