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Network management is a key aspect of the operation of the telecom networks as performed by the Telecom Operators and other players. The network is crucial to every business, optimizing network performance effectively is necessary to achieve a competitive business society.

Current network management tools are limited to the collection and presentation of a summary of the status of the network but do not meet present industry demands. Evolution is required towards network performance monitoring and management products that offer a scalable solution in a multi-country environment eliminate down time and provide complete, real-time end-to-end visibility of the network including its business implications.

There is a need for a very dynamic Development and Operation environment (DevOps) where updates of the operation tools and rules have to implemented and modified continuously with the business and operation feedback. This need to be updated on-the-fly but using specific tools to promote a culture of agile team work between development, test and operation [KR1].

The Network is becoming the hub of all business productivity improvements and for that its management is key for those businesses. New activity paradigms are being exploited from the SME to the medium an big enterprise to use the preferred everyday tools in the professional life as for example Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, monitoring and managing the network is becoming more and more challenging for this 24/7 environment.

This is the reason why the total network management market is expected to grow from $7,024.5 million in 2014 to $11,058.6 million in 2019 at a CAGR of 9.5% during the mentioned period.

DECIDE offers the possibility of deploying a network management solution for International Operatorsthat distributes its resources: analyzing servers and memory data lakes in an optimal way to provide locally fast operation intelligence and business intelligence preparatory analysis and supply globally business intelligence and planning.

Application where DECIDE will be used:

In particular Innovati currently generates 30% of the company Revenue providing a Network Management application for a key International Telecom Player which is present in a variety of European and South American Scenarios. This application will be updated using the results of this Project with support and Dashboard Panels that provide recommendations based on historical intelligence and other sources of information that can be extracted from the data available. Events, weather, maintenance plans and business commitments can be included as input for the recommendation panels of short term and long term Telco Network Operation and Planning.

Expected benefits/ improvements using DECIDE tools:

The plan is to develop in a DevOps environment [KR1] Cloud Tools to deploy and update Network Management solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and Business Intelligence to be part of the on Network Management Product Line solutions for Internationally deployed Spanish Telecommunication Operators using Dashboard Technology and Recommenders for different ranges of network managers. This will enable Innovati to keep its current role and income as supplier of Networks Management Solutions in this extremely competitive environment.