DECIDE DevOps framework ready for the final validation

The last effort focused in the integration tasks.

After the summer, DECIDE’s technical partners have been focused on the finalization of the component’s’ integration into the DevOps framework. Last activities are being performed to achieve the final integrated solution including the whole lifecycle of the multi-cloud applications:

Development phase:

  • NFRs selection: Supported by the DevOps framework.
  • Patterns recommendation: Supported by ARCHITECT DECIDE component.
  • Deployment simulation: Supported by OPTIMUS to obtain the best five simulation schemas for the selected NFRs.
  • Multicloud SLA: Supported by the MCSLA editor to define the SLA of the multi-cloud application.

Operation phase:

  • Cloud Services Discovery and contracting: Supported by the ACSmI discovery and ACSmI contracting.
  • Deployment: Supported by ADAPT DO to provision the needed resources and deploy the different microservices.
  • Monitoring: Supported by ADAPT monitoring to assess the MCSLA and ACSmI monitoring to assess the SLA of the different cloud resources. During the monitoring phase the Violation Handler manages the violations occurred and triggers new deployments when necessary.
  • Billing: Supported by ACSmI billing to bill the total costs from the Cloud resources.

During the next days the final developments will be completed for the use cases to start the third and final validation.

The final countdown starts!