DECIDE was present in CLOSER 2017 – International Conference on Cloud Computing and service science

In April 2017, DECIDE was present in the 7th International Conference on Cloud Computing and service science, celebrated in Porto. Two DECIDE scientific papers were accepted and presented trough a poster and technical presentation.

The paper #36, titled “DECIDE:DevOps for Trusted, Portable and Interoperable Multi-Cloud Applications towards the Digital Single Market” was presented with a dedicated presentation in the “Cloud Trust and Service Management” session on Monday 24. This paper provides a high level description of the whole approach proposed by DECIDE and introduces the main outcomes of the project: the DevOps framework, ARCHITECT, OPTIMUS, ADAPT and ACSmI. The audience (around 30/40 cloud experts) found DECIDE objectives very promising, and several comments and questions were asked about the simulation and the continuous monitoring of the multi-cloud applications.

The paper #30, titled “Federated Cloud Service Broker (FCSB): An advanced Cloud Service Intermediator for Public Administrations” was presented as a poster during the coffee break on Tuesday 24. This poster represented the first version of one of the DECIDE Key Results, ACSmI: Advanced Cloud Service meta-Intermediator. The poster session was a great opportunity to exchange opinions and views on the initial design of the Broker. The scientists there found that the compliance with the regulation/legislation part was one of the most ambitious objectives of the ACSmI