DECIDE moves forward

We are nearing the end of the first project year, and DECIDE is progressing at a very good pace.

Work is focused on the definition of the general architecture for the different tools that are involved in the project, as well as for the framework that will orchestrate all these tools.

A new round of deliverables will be released at the end of November, in preparation to the development of the first demonstrators, that will be ready by February. These deliverables will include the mentioned architecture, and will also offer updates to other topics such as the use-cases that are going to be supported by DECIDE, or the planned business models. They will soon be accessible through the project’s website.

Last but not least, we are finalizing the arrangements for the next Grant Assembly, which will take place in Liverpool during the 28th and 28th of November. We have to thank AIMES for offering us their headquarters as our venue. We will talk about that meeting in a new blog post.